Saucy Porka Serves Up Delicious Bao Bun Tacos (Chicago Magazine March 2015 issue)

Having a meal at Saucy Porka, a bustling sit-down spot in the Loop, feels a little like ordering from a food truck. Which is fitting, since former food trucker Amy Le (DucknRoll) created this breakfast-and-lunch joint. The line is long but moves fast, which may induce a slight panic attack over deciding from the list of inventive Latin-Asian mash-ups. Should you try a shrimp “baco,” sofrito-marinated shrimp and piquant mojo slaw folded inside a steamed bao bun ($3.50)? Maybe the namesake Saucy Porka banh mi piled with tender carnitas and garlicky kimchi ($8.25, with soda or cassava chips)? ….Read more

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