While navigating the food truck scene in Chicago, former DucknRoll Chef and owner Amy Le discovered a kindred spirit in fellow food truck Chef Rafael Lopez, formerly of Wagyu Wagon. Through Saucy Porka, the two aspiring chefs have recreated their childhood memories in blended dishes like the pork carnitas pho soup and Puerto Rican rice. The recipes have been passed down from their grandmothers and mothers, but the most valuable lesson passed down is that a recipe is nothing without the spirit and soul one puts into it.


In conceiving the menu, Le and Lopez wanted to pay homage to the home-style cooking rooted in their Latin and Asian cultures.

Blending the bold flavors and spices found in Puerto Rico, South East Asia, China, Japan and Korea they are dishing up comfort foods they grew up with, adding a touch of modern technique to fuse the cultures.

While pork is the starlet of the show, the menu offers a variety of dishes that will satisfy both non-pork and non-meat eaters.

Saucy Porka is just one stop along owners John Keebler and Amy Le and executive chef Rafael Lopez’s continued culinary journey and they invite you along for the ride.