Meet Amy Le of Saucy Porka via Voyage Chicago

Voyage Chicago
April 10, 2018 

Today we’d like to introduce you to Amy Le.

As a budding Chicago entrepreneur, Amy works tirelessly to build businesses that challenge conventional ideas and bridge cooking styles from Latin and Asian cultures. Amy launched the DucknRoll food truck in October 2011, using a concept inspired by Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches.

In the dead of winter, she quickly turned the ground-breaking business into a success story – expanding on the traditional business model to develop a thriving catering business, a neighborhood test kitchen, and a media vehicle to drive interest in the food truck culture wave.

Amy and husband John Keebler founded the IL. Food Truck Association and helped work with legislators to draft new laws that cultivated the food truck industry in Chicago. In 2012 DucknRoll food truck was named by Details Magazine, as one of the top Asian food trucks in America.

Expanding their business away from the food truck, Amy and John opened Saucy Porka (2013) and Spotted Monkey (2015), brick-and-mortar restaurants in Chicago’s bustling downtown financial district. In conceiving the menu, Amy teamed up with executive chef Rafael Lopez to pay homage to the home-style cooking rooted in their Latin and Asian cultures.

Saucy Porka and Spotted Monkey have been featured on WGN Chicago’s Best, Steve Dolinsky’s Hungry Hound, and has been written up in Chicago Tribune’s Must Try Dining, Time Out Chicago’s Best of 2013, Chicago Eater’s Best Loop Lunch Spots, and USA Today’s Top 10 Best Lunch Deals, and many other local and national food blogs and publications….Read More

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