Appetizers / Sides

Da Funky Monkey Fries  Crinkle-cut fries seasoned with house spice mix, aka “monkey spice”, topped with picadillo ground beef, Chihuahua cheese, serrano aioli, and scallions $4.50 half  | $6.25 full

Curry Sweet Potato Fries  Topped with queso fresco cheese served with curry aioli (V) $3.35 half  | $5.50 full

Chorizo Egg Roll  Queso fresco cheese, sweet potato, red cabbage, onions, with avocado aioli $1.92 each

Picadillo Egg Roll  Slow cooked picadillo ground beef, red cabbage, Chihuahua cheese served with chipotle aioli $1.92 each

Vegetarian Egg Roll  Cabbage, carrots, onions and mushrooms with mojo dipping sauce (V) $1.92 each

Tostones  Twice fried green plantains topped with pineapple salsa and curry aioli (V) $4.50 for 5


Bao Tacos aka Bacos

Guajillo Pork  Topped with pineapple salsa and served on a steamed bao bun $2.90

Guajillo Shrimp  Topped with corn salsa and chipotle aioli served on steamed bao bun $3.70

Panang Curry Chicken  Topped with pickled Asian slaw served on a steamed bao bun $2.90

Soy Ginger or Curry Tofu  Topped with pickled Asian slaw (V)  $2.90

Beef Ropa Vieja  With kimchi a served on a steamed bao bun $3.70

Five Spice Duck  With pickled Asian slaw and plum sauce aioli served on a steamed bao bun $3.90


Banh Mi Sandwich (served with chips)

Saucy Porka Banh Mi  Guallio braised pork, serrano aioli, topped with kimchi, served on French baguette $8.85

Ropa Vieja Banh Mi  Beef brisket and mayo topped with kimchi, served on French baguette $10.85

Panang Curry Chicken Banh Mi  Braised chicken Panang curry, served on French baguette topped with Asian slaw, mayo $8.85

Duck Banh Mi  Duck confit, plum sauce aioli, topped with Asian slaw, served on French baguette $11.85

Shrimp Po’Boy  Tempura battered shrimp topped with pickled onions and Asian slaw served on French baguette, chipotle aioli $11.60

Cubana  Roasted garlic pork, ham, serrano aioli served on French baguette topped with pickled onions $8.85 

Tofu Banh Mi  Fried tofu cooked in your choice of soy ginger or Panang curry sauce with Asian slaw, served on French baguette (V) $8.60 

Cheesy Buddha  Grilled poblano peppers, onions, mushrooms, Chihuahua cheese, topped with serrano aioli, served on French baguette (V) $8.60 


Rice Bowls

Puerto Rican Rice  Jasmine rice with sazon seasoning, sautéed with edamame beans, carrots, bean sprouts, scallions and choice of protein: beef, guajillo pork, Panang curry chicken, curry tofu,  soy ginger tofu, or black bean garlic tofu $10.25, add shrimp +$2, add a fried egg +$1.50

Picadillo  Slow cooked ground beef seasoned with cumin, tomato sauce, potatoes, golden raisins, poblano peppers and scallions served with jasmine coconut rice and sautéed black bean cabbage, topped with a fried egg . $12.25

Ropa Vieja  Beef brisket slowed cooked in a mild chili citrus sauce and served with jasmine coconut rice, scallions and kimchi $12.25, add a fried egg +$1.50

Asian Paella  Jasmine rice with sazon seasoning, Chinese sweet sausage, mild sausage, pork carnitas, edamame, and scallions $11.25, add a fried egg +$1.50



Pork Ramen Soup  Pork carnitas served in a pho broth with Chinese noodles, topped with bean sprouts, fresh basil, cilantro, jalapeños and scallions (substitute: beef, chicken or tofu) $5 half | $9.50 full 

Duck Gumbo Soup  Five spice duck, celery, kidney beans, carrots, onions, spiced sausage, topped with scallions and served with jasmine rice  $5.75 half  | $9.75 full 


Panang Curry Chicken Salad  Carrots, bean sprouts, cilantro, basil, scallions, braised curry chicken and romaine lettuce, topped with vinaigrette dressing $7.50

Zen Salad  Edamame beans, corn salsa, and carrots tossed with romaine lettuce and chipotle lime dressing (V) $7,  add chicken +$2,  Shrimp +$3


Mini Nutella Donut bites  4 bite sized donuts filled with nutella and dusted in cinnamon sugar $4

Chorizo Egg Banh Mi with serrano aioli $5.65

Picadillo & Egg  Banh Mi with chipotle aioli $5.65

Egg, Ham & Cheese Banh Mi with chipotle aioli $5.65

Egg & Chihuahua Cheese Banh Mi with chipotle aioli (V) $5.65

Vietnamese coffee $2.75



Vietnamese Coffee hot/iced $2.75
Regular Coffee $2.50
Seasonal Agua Fresca $3
Lychee, Mango, Coconut Water $2.60
Bottle Soda (Pepsi, Diet, Root beer, Jarritos) $2.50
Can Soda (Pepsi, Diet, Sierra Mist, Crush) $1.75
Bubly Sparkling Water $2.50
Juice $2.60
Water $2



Mini Nutella Donut bites $4 (4 donut bites)


(V) = vegetarian item
*Ask about our vegan or gluten-free options*